Promise to Trae

War Eagle Fair.  Oct. 13-16th   This show is one of the top ten shows in the United States and is my favorate show.  We have met and made new friends all over the world at this show and many people plan there vacation around this show.  The fall colors are so beautiful and in reds unlike Colorado's that are yellows and oranges.  This show is in the Ozarks in Arkansas and is really cold in the mornings, a kind of cold that goes right through you.  We stay at the Rocky Branch cabins with a beautiful view of bear lake.  For more info on the show visit there web page at www.wareaglefair.com

  • The Buffalo Round Up. Sept. 24 and the 25th with the buffalo round up on the 26th. in Custer State Park, South Dakota.   This is Monte's favorate show!!  He gets to take all the buffalo pictures he needs.  People come from all over the world to watch the cowboys round up the state parks buffalo for processing.  There are mountain sheep, goats and antealope but the main attraction is the buffalo.  We stay at the legion lake lodge in one of there cabins.  Teresa there makes our stay fun and pleasant so a special thank you for Teresa.

May 5th and 6th 2012- We are going to South Dakota to meet with Teresa and hang Monte's pictures in the Leagon Lake Lodge in Custer State Park.   We are so excieted.  For more info visit www.custerresorts.com or call 605-255-4521. 

Ok at war Eagle we have a little stick race that we vendors started in 2010 and have alot of fun watching every ones stick move back and forth from people moving them wth there feet.  Some of the sticks go all around the tent!  This year we have taken it to a new level.  It cost .01 to enter and the winner taking the purse!! some times you could win up to .15 depending on how many entrys.